Butternut Productions is a Toronto based award-winning video production company with a focus on food television and lifestyle content. The Butternut team consists of a balance between talented production professionals and restaurant industry alumni. The understanding of these two areas allows us to thrive in media content created specifically for the culinary arts. 

The Team

Abby Ainsworth, Executive Producer, Director and Creator. Abby started Butternut Productions as a means to create food content she wanted to watch. Her background stems equally from television production and the food industry which has enabled her to conceptualize a true understanding of food tv. Outside of the food realm, Abby is a director for music videos, VICE Media and is lead creative of all Butternut’s productions.

Lindsay Kutner, Producer. Lindsay's experience in commercial and sponsorship production has strengthened her skills to effectively produce, manage and oversee the development, budgeting and scheduling of all Butternut projects. Lindsay is deeply connected with the content she produces and is constantly looking for opportunities to redefine the way we consume food content. She is a member of the Director’s Guild of Canada, Women in Film and Television and was selected as one of eight participants to take part in The Doc Institute of Canada’s Breakthrough Program for 2016.